We can almost assure you that we will make the keywords that you selected to be appeared on the first or second page of yahoo/bing within a month, and we will do our best to make the keywords that you selected to be appeared on the first or second page of google within 5-6 months. We will work for you first, and you pay when you see the results.

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Merchant Account Services

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A merchant account is a business arrangement between you (the merchant) and a credit card processor that allows you to accept credit card payments from customers. The processor sets you up with the necessary technology, handles the authorization of your sales transactions by the issuing bank and deposits the proceeds into the designated bank account.

If you have an online store that needs a merchant account to accept credit card on your website, we will help you to obtain one. After your merchant account application got approved,  we will help you to connect your website to the payment gateway and check if there is any security issue. We will also tell you the rules/guidelines that you need to follow in order to maintain your merchant account in good status. Most merchant providers do not offer such service, but we do. Let us explain why you need to keep your merchant account in good status. For example, if you don’t verify each order to make sure it’s right, if you don’t reply your customer’s emails on time, if you don’t ship order & issue credit in a timely manner, if you don’t make your customers happy, you will receive excessive chargebacks which is the main reason of merchant account termination. We will guide you through all the necessary steps that you need to take to keep your merchant account in good status, and those are the rules that you must follow if you are a responsible person running a responsible business.

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Pay Per Click Services

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Paid Internet advertising campaigns, when done right, can bring targeted visitors to your website quickly – they can quickly increase your turnover and build a reputation for your website. When money is misapplied, however, these campaigns can become minefields. Poorly thought-out tactics leave website owners with their fingers burnt, stopping them from taking advantage of the benefits of these advertising campaigns.

DatasLegend aims to put all paid campaigns on a strategic footing. We offer a number of services geared for the US. We offer managed pay per click in the US and have some of the most knowledgable Google adwords professionals in the US. We can take complete control of your Pay Per Click marketing and will help you to:

• Minimise the cost per click
• Use more targeted keywords
• Maximize the number of targeted users visiting site
• Increase revenues
• Track success through statistics
• Analyse how a campaign reacts to changes in clickrates
• Analyse how a campaign reacts to changes to other people’s campaigns
• Analyse how a campaign reacts to changes in the market
• Analyse how to benefit from these changes

DatasLegend work with many clients using many types of advertising campaigns. Our research tools ensure that we find keywords and phrases that stay ahead of the game. We have been able to reduce the cost per click of a campaign by up to 34%, to research and increase the number of targeted keywords by 68% and have reduced the cost of advertising certain products from £1 to 2p per click.

If you have one product or 20,000, if you have a budget of $5 per day or $50,000, we can offer a plan to suit you.